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Transport Projects

  • Track more than 2,000 transport projects worth more than $900bn
  • Identify new business opportunities in the MENA region
  • Contact key personnel at the right time
  • Obtain market insight and be ahead of your competitors
  • Analyse historical and future trends to build strategic reports

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The transport projects market is a leading market in the MENA region. Since 2005, just over $805 billion worth of transport projects have been awarded in the Middle East and North Africa.

To become a key player in the transport projects market, MEED projects will support you to identify new business opportunities. Currently MEED Projects is tracking more than 2,000 transport projects worth over $900 billion from early design stages through to completion. You will gain a competitive edge with key contact details of all personnel involved in the projects and in the tender process.

To find out how MEED Projects can help you further develop your business in the transport projects market, please fill in the short form above to request a demo.

"MEED Projects is an invaluable market intelligence source for our Group. Our business development teams use it on a daily basis to determine the status of current, pending and new projects across the region. There's no other service that provides the information MEED Projects does."


"MEED Projects is very useful, especially for the marketing department because it contains most projects to be issued, or in executing. You won't miss any good information on the projects you are expecting. Furthermore, the accuracy is so high that you can solely rely on MEED Projects when you do business in the MENA region."


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