NEOM - NEOM City: Trojena: Trojena Valley Cluster: Dams

General Information
Owner NEOM
Masterplan Project (Parent Profile) Neom – NEOM City: Trojena: Valley Cluster – Tabuk
Location Tabuk Province, Saudi Arabia
Status --
Sector Water, Storage, Dam
Contract Type Design Build (DB)
Onshore/Offshore Onshore
Greenfield/Brownfield Greenfield
Progress 3
Estimated Budget Value ---
Contract Value 4700
Net Value $4700m
Award Date January 2024
Completion Date December 2026
Last Updated On January 2024
ProjectId (Old, New) 396747, 396747

NEOM is undertaking the construction of the Trojena Valley cluster dams in Tabuk, northwest Saudi Arabia.

The project is part of the NEOM City Development Program.

The project aims to construct three dams to create the 2.8-kilometre-long freshwater lake at Trojena

The US$5,650 million project includes the following:

1. Construction of three dams to form a freshwater lake for the ski resort

a. Construction of main roller-compacted concrete (RCC) Dam with a height of 145m, and 475m long at crest, with an anticipated RCC volume of 2.7 million m³.

b. Construction of enchanted forest RCC dam with a height of 38m, and 700m long at crest, with an anticipated RCC volume of 650,000 cubic meters, with an underwater tunnel to the Lake Village.

c. Construction of Rockfill Dam with a height of 65m, 490m long at crest, with an anticipated volume of 4.15 million m³.

2. Construction of a futuristic Bow that will extend the surface of the lake beyond the front of the main dam

3. Detail design and construction of BOW Building foundations located adjacent to the Main RCC Dam, including boreholes, rock excavation, and piling work to the founding level.

4. Construction of an artificial lake that will cover an area of 1.5 km² and will have an island reserved for botanical dives and walks

5. Construction of Reinforced Concrete Knoll Spillway

6. Construction of Supporting infrastructure at the Lake perimeter.

7. Associated facilities

Second Section

17 January 2024

Webuild has been appointed as the main contractor with a contract value of US$4.7 billion. (Source: MEED)

15 November 2023

Technical evaluation has been completed commercial negotiations are progressing and Bechtel Corporation is working as a Consultant on the project. (Source: MEED)

17 August 2023

The Bids are still under Evaluation.

29 March 2023

A consortium of Al Ayuni Investment & Contracting and Limak Holding; Power China and Webuild has been selected on an early contractor involvement (ECI) basis. The selected contractors are requested to submit methodologies for the project and design proposal and based on the proposals, one contractor will be selected for the 26-month contract. Otec is working with Power China as a consultant for early contractor involvement. (Source: MEED)

24 January 2023

The main contract tender bids have been submitted. The following companies have submitted bids for the project: Limak Holding, Al Ayuni, FCC , WeBuild, PowerChina

20 December 2022

The main contract tender has been issued with bid submission due at the end of January 2023. Surbana Jurong has been working as a consultant.