NEOM - NEOM City: The Line

General Information
Owner NEOM
Masterplan Project (Parent Profile) Neom – NEOM City Development Program – Tabuk
Location Tabuk Province, Saudi Arabia
Status --
Sector Construction, Mixed-Use, Mixed-Use
Contract Type Build
Onshore/Offshore Onshore
Greenfield/Brownfield Greenfield
Progress 38
Estimated Budget Value ---
Contract Value 0
Net Value $122077m
Award Date December 2019
Completion Date October 2030
Last Updated On November 2023
ProjectId (Old, New) 337668, 337668

Saudi Arabian NEOM is undertaking the construction of The Line in the NEOM City Development Project in Tabuk Province, Saudi Arabia.

The project will support the diversification goals of Vision 2030 and aims to contribute 380,000 jobs and SR180bn ($48bn) to domestic GDP by 2030.

The Line will be a city of a million residents with a length of 170km that preserves 95 percent of nature within NEOM, with zero cars, zero streets, and zero carbon emissions.

The Line is the first city for 150 years that has been designed around people rather than roads, with walkability a key aspect of the city’s layout. All essential daily services, such as schools, medical clinics, and leisure facilities, as well as green spaces will be within a five-minute walk.

Ultra-high-speed transit and autonomous mobility solutions will make travel easier and give residents the opportunity to reclaim time to spend on health and wellbeing. It is expected no journey will be longer than 20 minutes.

The project will comprise carbon-positive urban developments powered by 100 per cent clean energy, providing pollution-free, healthier, and more sustainable environments for residents.

The US$150,000 million project includes the following:

1. Construction of townhouses (170km belt)

2. Infrastructure works

3. Civil works

4. Construction of irrigation facilities

5. Construction of hospitals

6. Construction of schools

7 Construction of medical facilities

8. Construction of leisure facilities

9. Construction of parks

10. Construction of associated facilities

Second Section

08 November 2023

NEOM City: The Spine Western Water Transmission Line: Construction works are progressing on the project as per the schedule.

17 August 2023

Adjaye Associates is no longer involved on the project.

03 August 2023

Construction works are progressing on NEOM City: The Line: Module 43 Piling Works Package and it is expected to be complete by 2025

18 July 2023

The construction works are progressing on the NEOM - NEOM City: The Line: The Spine : Earthworks Package - Lot 4B.

13 March 2023

SNC-Lavalin has been awarded a five-year contract under a framework agreement for consultancy services on the project.

16 February 2023

Jacobs and JASARA has been appointed to provide the project and construction management consultancy services for the design, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning, as well as Atkins has been appointed as a Delivery Partner organization which been awarded a five-year contract under a framework agreement for consultancy services on the project.

02 February 2023

Parsons has been appointed as the project and construction management consultant to carry out the design, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning of the project.

23 October 2022

The excavation works have commenced on the project.

01 September 2022

Trevi Arabian Soil Contractor, a subsidiary of Trevi Group, has started permanent foundation works by using high-end Soilmec equipment on the project.

29 August 2022

The following architects have submitted their design proposals for mirror towers on the project *Delugan Meissl Associated Architects (DMAA), *Oyler Wu, *COOP HIMMELB(L)AU, *HOK, *UNSTUDIO, *Adjaye Associates, *Tom Wiscombe, *Fuksas, *Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, *Sir Peter Cook, *Steven Holl Architects, *OMA, *Morphosis Architects.

26 July 2022

The design plans have been revealed on "The Line: Mirror Towers" project.

04 July 2022

Keller Group has been selected to undertake the first works order of Framework Agreement for pilling works on Module 40.

27 June 2022

Drill and Blast Running Tunnels (West Package) has been awarded to the JV of Shibh Al Jazira Contracting, China State Construction Engineering Corp Ltd and FCC Construction for $2.78bn and JV of Archirodon, Samsung Engineering Co and Hyundai Engineering Co have been awarded the Cut and Cover Tunnel (East Package) for $1.85bn on the The Line: Backbone Infrastructure package project.

21 April 2022

Construction works have progressed up to 30 percent on Pipeline Network: Coastal Section project.

17 March 2022

The main contract tender is yet to be issued for the High Rise Mirrored Towers project.

07 March 2022

Nesma & Partners has been appointed as the main contractor and AECOM as the design consultant on the Earth Moving project.

30 December 2021

The client has postponed the some part of the project for few months due to design Issues.

13 December 2021

Sinohydro has been appointed as the main contractor for Pipeline Network: Coastal Section (Package A) and Mountain Section (Package B).

22 November 2021

Construction works have commenced Backbone Infrastructure: Adits and Portals.

04 October 2021

The client has received PQ documents on September 1, 2021 for the water transmission network project.

06 July 2021

Construction works are ongoing on the Solar Dome Desalination Plant and the main contract bid submission date has been extended from July 6, 2021, to July 25, 2021, for coastal pipeline and from July 6, 2021, to July 11, 2021, for mountain pipeline.

03 June 2021

Hanmi Global has been awarded a contract worth $2.3m to deliver project management office (PMO) services. (Source: MEED)

30 May 2021

Mofarreh Alharbi & Partners Co Ltd has been appointed as the main contractor on Roads & Infrastructure package.

11 May 2021

The main contract bids are under evaluation for Roads & Infrastructure and Mofarreh Alharbi & Partners Co Ltd is the lowest bidder.

19 April 2021

The main contract bid submission deadline has been extended from February 28, 2021 to the end of April 2021, for adits and portals which will be openings and access points for the 30 kilometers of tunnels. (Source: MEED)

15 January 2021

The main contract tender (ITB) has been issued for Adits and Portals Package and the submission is due on February 28, 2021. (Source: MEED)

11 January 2021

Construction work is expected to commence in the first quarter of 2021. (Source: MEED)