EUAS /Areva / Engie JV - Sinop Nuclear Power Plant

General Information
Owner Engie
Masterplan Project (Parent Profile)
Location Sinop, Sinop, Turkey
Status --
Sector Power, Generation, Nuclear Power Plant
Contract Type Build Own Operate (BOO)
Onshore/Offshore Onshore
Greenfield/Brownfield Greenfield
Progress 0
Estimated Budget Value ---
Contract Value 0
Net Value $0m
Award Date November 2022
Completion Date December 2025
Last Updated On August 2021
ProjectId (Old, New) 28031, 163780

Elektrik Uretim AS (EUAS) Genel Mudurlugu along with partners, Areva, Engie (ENGI) is planning to build a nuclear power plant (NPP) project in Sinop, Turkey.

Four generations III pressurized water reactors (PWR) of type Atmea I developed by Atmea will be installed in the nuclear plant.

The US$44,000 million project includes the following:

1. Construction of a 1,120MW NPP in Unit I

2. Construction of a 1,120MW NPP in Unit II

3. Construction of a 1,120MW NPP in Unit III

4. Construction of a 1,120MW NPP in Unit IV

5. Construction of substations

6. Construction of water treatment plant

7. Construction of condensers

8. Installation of cooling water system

9. Installation of steam generators

10. Installation of reactor coolant pumps

11. Installation of boilers

12. Installation of power control units

13. Laying of transmission lines

Second Section

30 August 2021

ENVY is currently undertaking the site selection studies and Fugro has completed a six month offshore site investigation but the future of the project still remains in doubt.

03 August 2021

The project continues to be on hold.

24 March 2021

The project continues to be on hold and the time frame for its revival is unknown at this juncture.

08 December 2020

The project is still on hold.

05 August 2020

The project continues to be on hold.

27 March 2020

The project continues to be on hold and Mitsubishi has withdrawn its involvement from the project as the time schedule and pricing of the power plant fell short.

28 November 2019

All the units are still on hold due to financial issues.

09 August 2019

*Sinop Nuclear Power Plant-Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3, Unit 4 - The project has been put on hold by the client due to the financial crisis.

03 April 2019

Feasibility studies are underway.

05 December 2018

Feasibility studies are underway.

12 September 2018

Itochu pulls out of the project due to a surge in safety-related costs and uncertainty over the plant's future. The completion of feasibility studies is getting delayed due to financial issues.

10 April 2018

The feasibility studies have not yet been completed on the project due to financial issues.

15 January 2018

The EIA application has been prepared for the project and has been submitted to the Environment and Urban Planning Ministry

21 November 2017

Study activities are underway

10 July 2017

Study activities are underway

12 April 2017

Study activities are underway.

04 January 2017

Feasibility study activities are underway

26 December 2016

Feasibility studies and evaluation of technical, commercial & legal aspects is underway.

14 November 2016

The feasibility and basic engineering works on the project are underway and the EPR reactors are currently under construction in Finland, France and China.

16 August 2016

Study activities are underway

13 May 2016

Study activities are underway

12 February 2016

Study activities are underway

12 November 2015

Study activities are underway

10 August 2015

Construction on the project will commence once the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been approved.

15 July 2015

The Reactor for the plant, ATMEA1 with a capacity of 1,100 MW reactor is developed by a 50:50 consortium of Areva and Mitsubishi.

22 June 2015

Japanese Companies Taisei, Obayashi and French Company Bouygues along with two or three Turkish Companies are the preffered JV for the project and they are prepared to submit a bid for the same.

17 April 2015

The project is yet at its pre-execution feasibility study stage.

02 April 2015

The EIA approvals are expected to take 2 years, after which the construction is expected to begin.

17 March 2014

Sinop NPP is on the planning stage; IGA signed with Japan and France Consortium (ATMEA)

17 March 2014

IGA has signed agreement with Japan and France Consortium (ATMEA)

22 March 2006

EUAS announced plans to develop the Sinop Nuclear Power Plant project.