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All of our marketing content produced from MEED Projects data and content to provide you with free access to projects tables, projects relevant articles, infographics and videos.

MENA overview

GCC contracting sees signs of a shake-up (May 2018)
Dubai’s Expo 2020 pavilions offer opportunities for contractors (May 2018)
Revival in Saudi Arabia’s projects market critical to entire region (April 2018)
What to expect in 2018 (March 2018)
North Africa is a challenging market with huge potential
 (February 2018)

Dubai market sets example for the rest of the region
(February 2018)
MENA Projects shift up a gear (January 2018)


Three Firms top EPC Contractor Ranking (December 2017)
UAE Market Focus: Tourism, Finance and others (December 2017)
A disappointing year for growth in the UAE (November 2017)
GCC continues to lead MEED TOP 100 (October 2017)

Why GCC countries to continues to spend on oil and gas despite global energy downturn (October 2017)
PRESENTATION from Dubai Subscriber Briefing, September 2017 (September 2017)
GCC projects market expected to recover from slump (September 2017)
Opportunities plenty for Korean firms in the MENA Region | Top 15 Projects (August 2017)
GCC Projects Market shows signs of improvement (July 2017)
Contractors look to the East for new opportunities (July 2017)
Saudi construction market moves towards Vision 2030 (June 2017)
Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan market update (June2017)
Developers start to revisit projects on hold since recession (May 2017)
Key projects to be awarded from March till August 2017 in OMAN (March 2017)
Dubai remains the hope of UAE economy (March 2017)
Projects market to recover slowly | Top 100 projects (February 2017)
Decline in contract awards to continue (February 2017)
​GCC projects market has worst start to year for a decade (January 2017)
Spending falls as oil prices stay low (January 2017)
The GCC Projects Market in 2016 and 2017 (January 2017)

Are the projects market conditions effecting your business?
Are the oil prices having an impact on your business?

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