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Turkey Projects

  • Track more than 800 active projects in Turkey worth over $350bn
  • Identify new business opportunities in Turkey's projects market
  • Get in touch with key contacts involved in the projects
  • Grow your market knowledge and monitor your competitors
  • Evaluate historical and future trends to create strategic reports

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Boosted by a fast-growing economy, strong private sector investment, and a liberalising economy Turkey enjoys one of the largest projects markets in the region. Based on a sample of 800 projects, the value of active schemes in the country is valued at more than $350bn across a broad range of sectors.

The largest two sectors are transport ($125bn) and power ($118bn): the former driven by massive investments in airports, roads and railway projects; the latter based on more than 50,000MW of investment in hydropower, conventional and renewable energy schemes. Construction, particularly in Istanbul and Ankara is another major sector buoyed by more than $37bn investment in new hospital, hotel and residential projects.

To become a key player in the Turkey projects market, MEED projects will support you to find new business opportunities and analyse the market for growth. Currently MEED Projects is tracking more than 800 active projects in ​Turkey worth over $350 billion in the construction, transport, gaspower, water and other sectors from early stages. You will generate leads with key contact details of all personnel involved in the projects and in the tender process.

To see how MEED Projects can help you develop new business in the ​Kenya projects market, please request a demo by simply filling in the form ​above.

"MEED Projects is a very comprehensive and well organised market information source to monitor project developments in the region. Our business development teams use it to get timely updates on the opportunities in various sectors, enabling Schneider Electric to plan and focus in a better way."


"MEED Projects is very useful, especially for the marketing department because it contains most projects to be issued, or in executing. You won't miss any good information on the projects you are expecting. Furthermore, the accuracy is so high that you can solely rely on MEED Projects when you do business in the MENA region."


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