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Kuwait Projects

  • Track projects in Kuwait worth over $​263bn
  • Win new contracts in the Kuwait market
  • Contact the right people involved in the market
  • Obtain market knowledge and competitive edge
  • Analyse past and future movements to generate strategic plans

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Kuwait is one of the Middle East’s most promising markets, presenting a wide range of opportunities in the projects sector and in other areas for local, regional and international businesses. It is a high-income, asset-rich economy with oil reserves that can last about 100 years at present production rates and substantial gas assets. The government has practically no debt and official savings are worth at least $592bn. The private sector has abundant savings and the banking system is profitable, well-capitalised, liquid and solvent.

With about $263bn worth of projects planned or underway, Kuwait is the third largest projects market in the GCC and sixth largest in the Middle East and North Africa. And, driven by an ambitious public-private partnership (PPP) programme, Kuwait’s projects market has expanded more than 6 per cent over the past 12 months.

To find new business opportunities in the Kuwait project market, MEED projects will support you to identify new business opportunities. Currently MEED Projects is tracking more than 550 active projects in Kuwait worth over $280 billion in the construction, oil, gas, power, water and other sectors from conceptual stages. You will be ahead of your competition and generate new leads with key contact details of all personnel involved in the projects and in the tender process.

To see how MEED Projects can help you develop new business in the ​Kuwait projects market, please request a demo by simply filling in the form ​above.

"MEED Projects is an important tool for our business planning. It helps us identify key projects and personnel at an early stage."


"A must have market intelligence tool for business development professionals."


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