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Egypt Projects

  • Track more than ​800 active projects in Egypt worth over $​500 bn
  • Identify new business and win new contracts in Egypt
  • Get in touch with key contacts ​working on the projects
  • Grow your market knowledge and monitor your competitors
  • Evaluate historical and future trends to create strategic reports

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In the political turmoil that followed the 2011 revolution, Egypt’s economy struggled to regain lost momentum as investors retreated from the market and revenues from tourism and the Suez Canal fell sharply. But the launch in 2015 of the country’s new economic development plan, which included the promise of economic reforms to improve the country’s financial health and a roadmap for megaprojects aimed at stimulating growth and jobs, launched a turnaround that is now in full swing. And, with IMF backing together with widespread regional support, confidence is returning quickly.

To become a key player in the Egypt projects market, MEED projects will support you to identify new business opportunities and analyse the market for growth. Currently MEED Projects is tracking more than 800 active projects in Egypt worth over $​500 billion in the construction, gas, power, water and other sectors from early stages. You will generate leads with key contact details of all personnel involved in the projects and in the tender process.

To see how MEED Projects can help you develop new business in the ​Egypt projects market, please request a demo by simply filling in the short form ​above.

"MEED Projects allows our sales team across the region to track upcoming projects quickly and efficiently, saving time and helping us to effectively target potential customers. It has certainly played a role in developing our market knowledge and it's continuing to support rapid growth in the Aconex business."


"MEED Projects is an excellent tool for Ducab as it helps our sales department access updates on the latest GCC projects market in great detail. Their research team does a great job in keeping Ducab abreast with reliable information on movements in the projects from inception to completion."


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