ACWA Power/NEOM/Air Products - Helios Green Fuels Project

General Information
Owner NEOM
Masterplan Project (Parent Profile) NEOM – NEOM City Development Program: Industrial City: Southern Cluster – Saudi Arabia
Location Tabuk Province, Saudi Arabia
Status --
Sector Chemical, Production, Hydrogen Plant
Contract Type Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC)
Onshore/Offshore Onshore
Greenfield/Brownfield Greenfield
Progress 0
Estimated Budget Value ---
Contract Value 0
Net Value $1920m
Award Date April 2022
Completion Date December 2025
Last Updated On October 2021
ProjectId (Old, New) 326841, 326841

A consortium of ACWA Power, NEOM and Air Products are planning to undertake the development of Helios Green Fuels Project in NEOM, Saudi Arabia.

The electrolysis unit will produce 650 tonnes a day of hydrogen to feed to the ammonia plant. It is ammonia that will be transported globally.

The project is being developed in three units:

A. 4000 MW Renewable Energy System

B. Ammonia Plant Project

C. Air Separation Unit

The U$7000 million project includes the following:

A. 4000 MW Renewable Energy System includes the following:

1. Construction of 380kV solar PV substation

2. Construction of 380kV wind farm substation

3. Construction of 380kV load substation

4. Construction of 380kV 200km over head transmission line

5. Construction of associated facilities

B. Ammonia Plant Project

1. Construction of a green ammonia production plant with the capacity of 1.2 million ton per year

2. Construction of storage facilities

3. Installation of air compressors

4. Installation of process heater systems

5. Infrastructure works

6. Construction of associated facilities

C. Air Separation Unit

1. Installation of air cooled steam condensers

2. Installation of air filtration columns

3. Installation of steam turbine driven compressors

4. Installation of cold boxes

5. Installation of heat exchanges

6. Installation of pumps

7. Installation of turbo ex-panders

8. Installation of air dryers

Second Section

18 October 2021

Green ammonia plant: The project is expected to reach financial closure and start construction in the first half of 2022.

07 September 2021

The main contract bids have been submitted and are under evaluation on the Site Establishment Package.

26 July 2021

There is no news regarding the main contract tender issue on the Air Separation Unit.

09 June 2021

The renewable energy project Solar Power Park and Wind Power Park are in the initial study stage and Baker Hughes will supply hydrogen compressor for the project.

22 April 2021

Design and early works are now underway for Green Ammonia Plant Complex and Marine Facilities. Lazard has been appointed as the financial advisor. (Source: MEED)

21 March 2021

Market sources indicate that the Ammonia Plant project is facing delays due to the ongoing circumstances in the country.

19 October 2020

The developers has issued Request for proposal (RFP) for the 380kV substation and 380kV transmission line package and the bid submissions date is yet unknown.

08 July 2020

Air Products, ACWA Power and NEOM has signed an agreement of US$5 billion for the development of the project. The project is expected to come on stream by 2025.